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Streamlining IT Purchasing: How Our CDW Integration Simplifies Device Procurement

We're excited to announce a host of new features powered by a native checkout API integration with CDW Corporation (NASDAQ: CDW). Here is a quick summary of some of the impressive things you can do:

Marketplace curation

Spoke users can add over 5,000 models of devices from CDW by simply pasting a URL.

This allows IT teams to easily build and maintain a custom catalog for their organization. Adding a new item is as simple as copying in the product's URL from CDW and Spoke's integration pulls in all of the relevant information (pricing, color, specs, etc).

Native checkout

Once a product is in the marketplace, users can request quotes & initiate purchases with CDW via our native checkout API.

This allows you to maintain the great relationships you already have with your sales reps, while cutting down the manual steps typically involved in hardware purchasing.

ITAM integration

Any purchases made through the Spoke marketplace automatically populate in admin portal. This includes relevant order information such as pricing, serial numbers, shipment tracking and more.

This makes keeping track of all your hardware transactions easy by centralizing all the data in one place.

We're really excited to have rolled out this new functionality for our users and look forward to continuing to add more suppliers and integrations soon!



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