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Introducing the Spoke Slack Bot 🤖

An animated image of a user interacting with a collaboration platform interface. The user clicks on a search bar at the top and types in a command to track an order, indicated by a tooltip showing the command description. The interface is styled with a dark theme and the command input suggests functionality for tracking orders, starting new requests, and managing returns within the platform.

We're excited to announce the release of our new Slack integration aimed at bringing the awesome functionality of Spoke into the tools you use everyday.

IT teams are often inundated with day-to-day employee requests coming to them via Slack. It can be disruptive to have to open up other windows searching for the correct information to address requests.

That's why, we are thrilled to announce a major release to provide the functionality of Spoke without having to leave your Slack window.

The Spoke bot allows users to:

  • Initiate marketplace orders for new devices

  • Request an equipment return box for departing employees

  • Track the status of orders

  • And more!

Here is a quick demo of how to track an order:

We've spent a lot of time in making the integration simple to install via the Spoke portal.

If you have questions or feedback please feel free to reach out, we love hearing from you!

Until next time,




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