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We empower people to do their best work wherever it takes place

About us

Our Vision

Hey there! 

The world of IT has benefitted from major innovations in software, but managing hardware is still a major challenge.

Pieces of this process have strong tools – MDM, asset tracking, accounting, HRIS – but, there is no integrated solution for the whole thing.

The world's most advanced devices are being supplied to the world’s most talented employees in the most archaic, manual and fragmented way.

So we started Spoke to solve this problem. 

We're not a supplier, reseller or traditional IT company. We are a team of founders, technologists and IT professionals who believe that this problem can be solved through transparency, automation and high-quality service.  

We're building Spoke to make managing hardware as easy as software.

Our mission is to empower people to do their best work wherever it takes place and that starts by making it easy for companies to purchase, deploy and manage the tools their employees need. 

- Team Spoke

We partner with the best

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Switching to Spoke is easy

From demo to deployments in less than a week. Our platform is designed to support your existing systems.

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