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Big News: Spoke is now part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub!

We are thrilled to announce that Spoke has been accepted into the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program!

This prestigious program provides a range of benefits and resources to help startups succeed. As a member of the Founders Hub, we'll have access to expert mentorship, technical support, marketing resources, and more. We'll also be able to leverage the power of the Microsoft ecosystem, including Azure cloud services and other cutting-edge technologies.

The program provides free access to over $100.000 in powerful development and productivity tools including GitHub, Microsoft 365 and more.

We believe that this partnership will help us take our company to the next level and achieve even greater success. We're excited to work with the Microsoft for Startups team and tap into their wealth of knowledge and experience.

“Navigating the headwinds of building a startup can be challenging – from focusing on innovation and connecting with investors to finding product market fit,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Cloud + AI, Microsoft. “Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub meets founders where they are, offering best-in-class developer tools and a breadth of cloud offerings across every function, so startups can reduce costs and accelerate development with a partner they can trust.”

We would like to thank Microsoft for Startups for this opportunity and we look forward to working with them to achieve our goals. Stay tuned for updates as we begin this exciting new chapter in the life of our company!



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